Unspoiled Lanzarote – The Affordable Getaway

Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa, administered by Spain, is renowned for its unique volcanic landscapes, beautiful beaches, and unspoiled natural beauty. The island offers a mix of cultural history and natural wonders, making it a fascinating destination for travellers seeking both relaxation and adventure. Among its most captivating features are the unspoiled areas and landscapes that provide a window into the island’s geological past and present.

Unspoiled Areas and Landscapes in Lanzarote

  1. Timanfaya National Park: This park is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience Lanzarote’s volcanic landscape. Its moon-like terrain, formed by volcanic eruptions in the 18th century, is home to rare plant species and offers guided tours that allow visitors to learn about volcanic activity and its impact on the environment.
  2. La Geria: Lanzarote’s unique approach to viticulture can be seen in La Geria, the wine region. Here, vines are planted in pits dug into the volcanic ash, protected by stone walls. This method has created a landscape that is not only productive but also visually stunning.
  3. Papagayo Beaches: For those seeking unspoiled beaches, the Papagayo beaches in the south of the island offer crystal-clear waters and fine golden sand set against a backdrop of volcanic cliffs. These beaches are relatively untouched and provide a perfect escape for families and individuals alike.
  4. Famara Beach and Cliffs: The dramatic cliffs of Famara offer breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and nearby islands. The beach below is a favourite among surfers and paragliders due to its strong winds and waves.
  5. Cueva de los Verdes and Jameos del Agua: These natural wonders, part of a long volcanic tunnel, offer a glimpse into the island’s underground beauty. Cueva de los Verdes is a cave formed by lava flows, while Jameos del Agua, designed by artist César Manrique, is a unique blend of nature and human creativity.

Inexpensive Flights for Families from Lanzarote Airport

Finding affordable travel options is key for families looking to explore Lanzarote’s unspoiled landscapes. Lanzarote Airport (ACE), located near the capital Arrecife, serves as a gateway to the island for international and domestic travellers. Airlines often offer competitive prices and deals, especially during off-peak seasons.

  • Early Booking: Booking flights well in advance can secure lower prices. Airlines typically release tickets at their lowest prices around 2-3 months before the departure date.
  • Price Comparison Websites: Utilize online travel agencies and flight comparison websites to find the best deals on flights from Lanzarote to various destinations. These platforms can help families compare prices across different airlines and choose the most cost-effective option.
  • Flexible Travel Dates: Being flexible with travel dates can lead to significant savings. Mid-week flights are often cheaper than weekend flights, and avoiding school holidays and peak travel seasons can also reduce costs.
  • Low-Cost Airlines: Consider flying with low-cost carriers that operate from Lanzarote Airport. These airlines often offer competitive pricing for families willing to compromise on some comforts for a lower ticket price.

Exploring Lanzarote’s unspoiled areas and landscapes offers an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and adventure seekers. With careful planning and research, families can find affordable flight options that make this unique destination accessible without breaking the bank.

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