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Travelling Abroad? Wait! Look Here at Travel Guide for Safety Tips –

Introduction –

Many people travel abroad and for some new comers, its like a once-in-a-lifetime travel. So, no matter what or where you travel, it is always important to follow certain safety tips when travelling. So, that both you and your belongings are safe. The following points that you are about to read can help you to travel comfortably and also ensure safety, and reduce the risk of crimes of various types. Also, to learn about some basic travel tips, make sure that you click on the referenced link here, that is Travel guide and enhance your knowledge on the same. At the same time, don’t forget to continue reading to learn the additional safety travelling tips here in this guide. So, lets start.

Important Points to Keep in Mind & Act on When Travelling –

Always share your travel information. When you are travelling share your travel information like places you visit, eat, site seeing and all to your family and friends. And, also if possible if you have booked a good hotel with a friendly staff, then you can inform the manager of the hotel. But before that make sure that the hotel is a reputed one and the manager looks licit and genuine. Also, if you get a friendly manager or staff, ask them about good places. Next, have all the important contact numbers on your phone like the police, hotel that you are staying, ambulance, hospital and so on. When taking a public transportation, then do your research and book a good one. Note the number and message it to your friends or family. And, it is advisable that you use a public transportation like bus and not a cab, unless it is authentic one.

Always Use Maps & Keep GPS On –

Make sure that you know your destination, roads and local streets and way back to the hotel. Use google map or a physical map. Know where the police station is located. Learn the markets and streets close to your hotel and shops etc. Always choose a place where you can get authentic cab and bus or other modes of transportation easily, way back to the hotel and before you reach any country, make sure you know how their authentic cab looks like. Don’t book any luxurious cars like a limo or Mercedes and others for comfort, because it is a private car and also the driver, plus you may never know when you become a victim of organized crime. So, beware. And, when leaving the country, make sure you know about the traffic of that city and can guess when you reach airport. So, book your authentic cab beforehand, so that you don’t get late to the airport and miss your flight. May that not happen. But this are some tips that you should be aware of. So, always keep ready the taxi a day before you leave that country. Don’t wait for the last moment to book the cab.

Enrol With STEP& Other Safety Tips –

If you are travelling internationally, then enrol with STEP program i.e., (Smart Traveller Enrolment Program) for free of cost online. And, if you are planning to travel through a cruise ship, then learn all the safety tips and important instructions regarding the same before you board. And, be water-safe. Keep a track of your drinks and food. Never leave your drink and food unattended and always finish it, before getting up or leaving the spot. If you take some new kind of drink or alcohol and you feel tipsy or intoxicated, then connect with your friends (group with whom you are travelling) and reach a safe spot immediately. And, never travel alone. It is advisable that you travel at least with 5 people in a group if travelling abroad. Use maps always, so that you don’t get lost. Use a local map. Don’t loiter in deserted places, use local ATM or public Wi-Fi, and show PDA (public display of affection) with your partner, don’t wear flashy jewellery, keep your hotel cupboard locked, and don’t date any local and don’t use public faucets (taps). Drink safe and clean water and carry medicines always.

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