Leake Street Arches, Waterloo in London.

It doesn’t matter how many times I visit London I always come across something new and this time it was Leake Street Arches close to Waterloo Station. A series of arches have been regenerated by graffiti artists and open to the public to view. Whilst I walked down and viewed this street art more was being added. Bars […]

Roupell and Pearman Street, London

Whilst watching Season 2 Unforgotten from ITV collection I spotted or at least I think I did, Roupell and Pearman Streets in Southwark, London. Roupell Street being one of the nicest London Streets I have come across when walking from Waterloo to the Shard. Terraced flat fronted houses in a mid brown and many decorated with flower baskets, […]

Waterloo to Little Venice ~ a London circular walk.

This a great ‘all day walk’ with lots of stop offs along the way and taking in some of London’s finest parks. Exiting Waterloo station I headed west along the Thames and crossed the Westminster Bridge, I had to dodge tourists, street sellers and photographers but I promise you this that soon I left the […]

Shard to the left of me – here I am.

Spirits not even dampened by the London drizzle. We marched our way to The View, a platform located somewhere near the sky …..I know this because the top of the building was shrouded in clouds. But before I show and tell the photos from the sky showcase I must enthuse about the beautifully kept streets […]