Food tourism

Watching Million Pound Menu one of the potential investors used the phrase food tourism so it got me thinking. I haven’t travelled anywhere specifically for the food ….but I  have travelled somewhere plenty of times where I have experienced food heaven… are my potential destinations for some food tourism either for the food or the location….perhaps you can […]

The Next Whisky Bar at the Watergate Hotel

Featuring a swirl of floor to ceiling whisky bottles – the the Next Whisky Bar is close to the foyer of this famous hotel in  DC. I would hate to be that person that toppled them over, but this unique ‘art installation’ creates a wall dividing the bar from the foyer…I liked it. Soft red cushiony chairs overlooking […]

Georgetown, Washington – a photoblog

Georgetown is just a hop, skip and a jump from central DC.  Staying in Foggy Bottom  at Hotel Hive meant just a twenty minute walk to the waterfront via The Watergate Hotel. Georgetown is a picturesque historic district with cute painted wooden houses which were  particularly special in Olive Street. The main street offered upscale shops and at Christmas time […]

National Geographic Museum – DC

  Where is it? Downtown DC on 17th Street NW. Why visit? A mix of interactive exhibits, displays and of course the famous magazine covers.  What does it cost? $15 Who would enjoy the experience? Geographers, travellers, conservationists, people interested in the world, religion, history and the sea. As a  I could not leave DC without a […]

Walking the National Mall DC

From the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial is an activity in its self never mind visiting any of the Smithsonian Museums. Took us about 45 minutes to stroll the wide open area. There is a range of architectural styles to distract the walker as well as catching a full on view of both the Capitol building and The Monument. Every […]

Tips for visiting Arlington Cemetery

Enter from the Rosslyn side Select and plan your walk or if walking an issue use the tourist buses. Leave via the main entrance and walk back into DC via the Arlington Memorial Bridge. Arlington Cemetery is just over the bridge from the Lincoln Memorial in DC but by default we entered from the Rosslyn side […]