Two very latest airline travel rants

Inconsiderate air passengers pulling out large cases from overhead storage constantly getting up and down blocking the aisle of people trying to reach their own seats whilst boarding or indeed blocking others who are trying to reach the toilet during a flight.  They swing these beasts out of the overhead locker without a thought of […]

Latest travel rant alert!

Those that know me  or read me know that I sometimes rant about other travellers, today is no different. On a recent flight from Rio I was disgusted to find in the toilet that the person in front  of me did not clean the sink round after use….despite  British Airways clearly indicating that one should do just that! Secondly […]

More travel rants

I have often posted about my Travel rants!, Train rants and even More traveller’s rants!… but the list is getting longer, following the last few journeys and travel experiences I have a few to add to my list….. Whilst travelling on a ferry one passenger chose to layout on a settee which would have served two […]

That changing face of taking photos.

Pre digital photography the traveller had to wait until they had returned home or find a chemist to organise printing of photos. It was expensive and you had to be selective at just exactly you would take a photo of and hope that no one would walk across your landscape as you clicked the shutter. […]

More traveller’s rants!

Following my initial post on traveller’s rants, this is a sequel or a follow on featuring other rants by fellow travellers and yes they are all on my personal travel rant list now, I so agree with all of them! Maybe it’s because I’m a traveller of a certain age but my rant list is getting longer! […]

Travel rants!

Prompted by WordPress to conjure up a post – today I need to rant about my travel rants! ….and I would like to hear about yours and if featured will credit you and your website …….. so here are a few of mine. No knob or hook to hang backpack or handbag in public toilets. Platform passengers […]