Safari Rant

You know me I like to rant and often rant about other travellers who appear to be inconsiderate. Well this is a specific safari rant……. Whilst on a safari vehicle the family of five behind us did not stop talking the entire three hours, as a consequence we and others could not hear the driver……. […]

I’m sorry a travel rant…….

Sorry to be a blot on the travel landscape but children on suitcase scooters not being monitored by parents is an accident waiting to happen in a crowded airport. Fortunately  my ankles and I survived the experience well enough to tell this tale. I’m sure used carefully and with rules this idea would work well. […]

Two more travel rants!

You know me I like to travel rant……… here are two things that have recently annoyed me……. Selfish iPad man –  whilst watching the changing of the guard in Athens , someone at the front held his iPad up to film the entire ceremony which meant about eight people behind him found it difficult to see. Breaking the rules -In The […]