Roupell and Pearman Street, London

Whilst watching Season 2 Unforgotten from ITV collection I spotted or at least I think I did, Roupell and Pearman Streets in Southwark, London. Roupell Street being one of the nicest London Streets I have come across when walking from Waterloo to the Shard. Terraced flat fronted houses in a mid brown and many decorated with flower baskets, […]

Waterloo Station, London

The Grey Traveller has used Waterloo station many times as the gateway for a trip to London. It serves the south of England and is one of several railway hubs across the capital. It lost its international status in recent years as it used to host Eurostar and that priviledge has now moved to  St Pancras  […]

Shard to the left of me – here I am.

Spirits not even dampened by the London drizzle. We marched our way to The View, a platform located somewhere near the sky …..I know this because the top of the building was shrouded in clouds. But before I show and tell the photos from the sky showcase I must enthuse about the beautifully kept streets […]