What does foreign mean to you?

As a traveller the daily prompt from wordpress is a gem, its right up my street! it’s foreign. So what does foreign mean to me? Something different, a different culture, something unknown, overseas, abroad, another country….the list could go on…..but I choose to interpret foreign as something very different to England and all that is English. Of […]

Five best places for a view in South East Asia

Looking down from above is the best way to get an overview of a new city. It gives you the story of a city in a nutshell. You get to see the shape, from the central business district to the urban sprawl as far as the eye can see. You will spy the old juxtaposed with […]

The Pullman Hotel, Danang, Vietnam

Can’t give you much about Danang as it was The Grey Traveller’s two night layover for rest and recuperation on a Cambodia slash Vietnam trip. What I do know is it is close to the region formerly known as DMZ the demilitarised zone during the Vietnam war dividing North and South of the country. Well of course […]