Where do my blog visitors live?

When analysing my social media stats  I am always intrigued as to where my readers live, this year as in previous most of my readers are from the UK and America. Looking at the stats since blog inception Australia and Canada always feature highly too. Other high figures include Spain, Indonesia, Burma, Vietnam and Guernsey! […]

How do you record your travels?

How do you record your travel…or maybe you don’t? I record mine via this blog and a scratch map…..but frankly my scratch map tells the tale that I haven’t really travelled that far and wide? Do you have a cork globe or maybe a travel app which counts the countries? Perhaps you have an old fashioned […]

Has bad weather affected your travel plans?

As the Beast from the East and Storm Emma continue to dominate UK news I thank my lucky stars that I have had only one trip affected by bad weather and that was Christmas a few years back when Storm Katie hit the south east and Turkish Airlines were unable to land at Gatwick. After a couple […]