Food tourism

Watching Million Pound Menu one of the potential investors used the phrase food tourism so it got me thinking. I haven’t travelled anywhere specifically for the food ….but I  have travelled somewhere plenty of times where I have experienced food heaven… are my potential destinations for some food tourism either for the food or the location….perhaps you can […]

Finding Your Feet in London and Rome

Finding Your feet is a feel good film with a veritable array of stars particularly appealing to a Grey Traveller of a certain age! The film is based in London and in particular Paddington where Timothy Spall’s character resides on  a barge on the Regent’s Canal.  He had sold his  up his home to fund his wife’s care  after early […]

So what type of traveller are you?

OK so I fell for it I completed one of those Facebook quizzes that I am always laughably suspicious of. This time operated by TripAdvisor called what type of traveller are you or something similar and it tells me that I am a Maximiser – someone who who fills a travel experience with jam-packed itineraries, […]