Coal Drops Yard, London

A little bit of decadence never hurt anyone not least  The Grey Traveller.  Sipping a cappuccino in the Granary Square I was thinking just that. An upscale brasserie in an upscale shopping area right on Regent’s Canal. I had walked from Limehouse and on my way to Paddington when Coal Drops Yard loomed into sight. Very new and very […]

Finding Your Feet in London and Rome

Finding Your feet is a feel good film with a veritable array of stars particularly appealing to a Grey Traveller of a certain age! The film is based in London and in particular Paddington where Timothy Spall’s character resides on  a barge on the Regent’s Canal.  He had sold his  up his home to fund his wife’s care  after early […]

Barging round Britain

The Grey Traveller likes London, loves walking, so often combines the two. Have recently been thinking about walking the Regent’s Canal tow path from Camden to Limehouse basin and coincidentally have recently caught up with John Sergeant where he did just that albeit by barge much of the way. Now I’m even more eager to try […]