Litter and travel

Much has already been said about travel and plastic packaging I can’t add anything useful about that but what I witnessed the other day takes the proverbial biscuit. Whilst driving along a motorway a passenger threw a plastic bag out of the window. The wind blew the bag like a balloon 🎈 and it was clear to me […]

Floating village in Pettah, Colombo

This area does not seemed to have developed to its possible potential. There is nothing floating apart from plastic waste but there are a couple of souvenir shops and bars. It’s worth a walk along the lagoon area to see the pelicans flying and perching on the lamp posts, the herons nesting and the monitor lizards […]

Plastic packaging – notes from a traveller.

I can’t write anything new about the environmental impacts of plastic waste, it’s very much on the political agenda and the current news. Landscapes can become visually unappealing, marine life can be affected and locals have to live with it. Many are worried not least people who are living near these toxic waste areas. We […]