Coal Drops Yard, London

A little bit of decadence never hurt anyone not least  The Grey Traveller.  Sipping a cappuccino in the Granary Square I was thinking just that. An upscale brasserie in an upscale shopping area right on Regent’s Canal. I had walked from Limehouse and on my way to Paddington when Coal Drops Yard loomed into sight. Very new and very […]

Finding Your Feet in London and Rome

Finding Your feet is a feel good film with a veritable array of stars particularly appealing to a Grey Traveller of a certain age! The film is based in London and in particular Paddington where Timothy Spall’s character resides on  a barge on the Regent’s Canal.  He had sold his  up his home to fund his wife’s care  after early […]

Waterloo to Little Venice ~ a London circular walk.

This a great ‘all day walk’ with lots of stop offs along the way and taking in some of London’s finest parks. Exiting Waterloo station I headed west along the Thames and crossed the Westminster Bridge, I had to dodge tourists, street sellers and photographers but I promise you this that soon I left the […]