My first taste of absinthe.

My first taste of absinthe was in New Orleans…. To be fair it will probably be my last taste! Trying a glass of absinthe has been on my bucket list for sometime and in my head I imagined a luminous green thick liquid which when swirled round the glass would stick. I imagined a dark […]

The two sides of New Orleans

As we slid into Bourbon Street on a hot sticky August afternoon the road was quiet save a few tourists walking back to their hotel rooms for a rest and a shower…….I didn’t know what to expect but The Grey Traveller had arrived for a 3 day slash 4 night stay over and I was ready to […]

Cajun Shepherd’s Pie

Just occasionally The Grey Traveller is inspired by travels to cook something up at home. This time it was a Cajun Shepherd’s Pie inspired by my visit to the famous Pat O’Briens on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. I didn’t have one of the famous Hurricane cocktails but I did have a refreshing gin fizz mixed to perfection in […]

The alligator swamps of Louisiana

With time to kill between Nottoway Plantation House and New Orleans an obvious stop off point had to be something swampy for this geographer. Even as we entered Louisiana, from the highways we could see this unique, slightly spooky ecosystem with what seemed like trees growing up out of the water….and boy we experienced a lot of […]