Things to do in Bagan, Myanmar

Most people travel to Bagan to see the mind blowing Bagan Plains, these need to be viewed at different times of the day to see the changing colours and the sun set. There are some raised areas which lend themselves to sun setting scenes. Grab yourself a horse and cart ride to see the temples up […]

Where is your happy place?

This post is inspired by Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Podcast a podcast I have just discovered but throughly enjoying. So it got me to thinking where is my happy place? First and foremost it is my home with my family around me but perhaps that is the older wiser traveller within me…..but apart from home my happy place is […]

Do you have a travel talisman?

Do you have a travel talisman something that you carry to keep you safe whilst away from home? I have a broken gold St Christopher necklace which I keep in a tiny Christmas chocolate tin tucked into a purse which carries spare camera batteries and memory cards. It’s the only thing I have which was given […]

Henley in Arden, Warwickshire a photoblog.

This little picturesque town is a High Street of interesting and ancient buildings, Tudor style public houses and pretty cottages and clearly a town with a sense of past but also a town that welcomes foodies judging by the sumptuous and delicious menus displayed outside restaurants and pubs.  

My travel calling

Some people have a calling to join the church, to help others less fortunate or to nurse the sick. My calling is somewhat selfish I am called to travel and as I get older I feel time is running out and so the calling is getting stronger and the desire greater to see the rest […]