The day I bought a cucumber peeler in Shenyang

I bought a couple of unusual products whilst in Shenyang one of them being a cucumber peeler which looked very much like a giant pencil sharpener. This produces delicate slivers of cucumber which you can then put on your face for an instant refreshing facial mask………..I bought this from a street seller close to Marshal Zlang’s Mansion. The […]

Eight Things to do in Shenyang

Liaoning Palaeontology Museum in the grounds of Shenyang Normal University, close to a shopping centre and the metro yellow line. Allow an hour unless this is a particular interest. Love the shape of this ultra modern building. Science and Technology museum in the Hunnan district of the city. Something for everyone, a modern hands on […]

St Ann’s Hill Cemetery, Gosport

I didn’t travel far for this post! … fact just to my nearest town (Gosport) where I visited the old part of the Municipal Cemetery, never been there before but I was quite taken by it. It’s overgrown, the gravestones are hard to read and some are subsiding. There are blackberry bushes, spider’s webs and […]

What to wear in Shenyang China in July

I visited recently and this was my experience. The weather is humid, very hot usually between 29 and 32 celsius with heavy storms for short periods of time. My suggestions are – Cotton clothing with a light weight jumper or fleece for air conditioned areas. Thin waterproof for the storms. Comfortable shoes if walking. Long […]

First impressions of Shenyang

First time to Shenyang and first time to mainland China…here are my first impressions. Extremely clean No litter on streets or pavements Cyclists expect to cycle through crowds so be mindful when walking Many tall apartment blocks Very bright shop signs and frontage People are helpful and friendly