A Mother’s Sacrifice – Kitty Neale

Kitty Neale’s┬álatest paperback takes the reader back in time to post war South London and a family which is ruled by violence and angry words. Gentle Glenda finds herself married to Harry and with her firstborn she has no where to escape to until a final beating ensures a hospital visit and a friendship formed […]

Author’s chats with Kitty Neale

Thank you to Kitty Neale for sharing her thoughts on reading and getting published. …and once again Enid Blyton stars heavily on favourite childhood authors although Lewis Carroll’s Alice books also had a lasting impression with Kitty. “Books that remain in memory from my childhood are, Alice through the Looking Glass and Alice in Wonderland […]

Lost Angel ~ Kitty Neale

A Sunday Times Bestseller – This could be a story in many families lives, of heartbreak and celebration during the second world war and the austere years that followed. Hilda is a London woman through and through and she is reluctant to leave the city to dodge the bombs, but after losing her parents during […]