Kew Gardens London- photoblog

Kew is on the south bank of the Thames and west of central London, definitely worth a visit if visiting the capital. Full price ticket of £16 could give you most of a day’s entertainment especially if the weather is good. Combine a visit with a Thames path walk and watch the cricket on the green whilst […]

Kew and the Thames path photoblog

Say the place name Kew and most people think Gardens. This upscale  London ‘village’ boasts its own cricket green, can claim part of the Thames path and of course is host to many visitors as they visit Kew House and it’s grounds. But it’s not all about the gardens for me. Walking the Thames path […]

Bills(restaurant) and bees.

  We have all read the recent articles about the concern for bees…. we therefore all know that we have much to lose if bees disappear from our gardens and the countryside … it was refreshing when I learned of Bills Restaurant‘s recent initiative promoting research about this insect  in collaboration with The Royal Botanical Society […]