Food tourism

Watching Million Pound Menu one of the potential investors used the phrase food tourism so it got me thinking. I haven’t travelled anywhere specifically for the food ….but I  have travelled somewhere plenty of times where I have experienced food heaven… are my potential destinations for some food tourism either for the food or the location….perhaps you can […]

Do you have a travel wish list?

  I don’t want to lecture anyone about having a list but was flicking through Lonely Planet Traveller  – One Planet 100 Experiences Guide (in association with British Airways) and it got me thinking about ‘bucket lists’ ‘the travel list’ ‘places I want to go list’ and realise that for many travel is not all about ticking countries or […]

Is it worth flying first class?

Factors  to consider……. How long is your flight?  Business Class versus First Class? Do you want to eat and drink yourself senseless before a flight? Do you appreciate quiet areas to relax in pre flight or prefer the rough and tumble of duty free shopping? So is it worth paying top dollar for a  first […]

How I got caught out in Istanbul!

  The Grey Traveller likes to walk and so he who thinks he is obeyed and I walked everywhere in Istanbul. Close to the Hagia Sofia we were following a local gent who was carrying a small wooden box when all of a sudden he dropped a small brush. We picked it up and called him […]

Yeni Cami Mosque – Istanbul

In Istanbul you could be forgiven for thinking that there is a mosque on every corner because in some areas it certainly feels like it. My favourite was Hagia Sofia but this post is about a lesser known mosque called Yeni  Cami. We just happened on Yeni Cami which is located between Galeta Bridge and […]

Lense Envy or Lense Frenzy?

One thing I have noticed since being the VPO (very proud owner) of a ‘proper’ camera is that us photographers can always be seen surreptitiously taking sideways glances at fellow photographers to see if their lens is bigger or wider or both. I’ve noticed sometimes that a slight nod might be directed my way suggesting […]