The limestone karsts of Halong Bay

I believe local people used to say the rocks rearing up off the coast of Halong were dragons and it certainly looks like giant fire breathing animals have been carved out of limestone ducking and diving in this natural hotspot in Vietnam.  Previous research via the internet led me to book a cruise with  Indochina Junks and The Grey Traveller chose […]

The Silk Merchant’s Daughter by Dinah Jefferies

Fifties Hanoi in Vietnam is experiencing troubling times with conflict between the French and the Vietminh. Nicole is half French and half Vietnamese so where should her loyalties lie? Let down (she feels) by both her father a rich silk merchant and her sister, Nicole is torn between Mark who appears to be in cahoots […]

The Pullman Hotel, Danang, Vietnam

Can’t give you much about Danang as it was The Grey Traveller’s two night layover for rest and recuperation on a Cambodia slash Vietnam trip. What I do know is it is close to the region formerly known as DMZ the demilitarised zone during the Vietnam war dividing North and South of the country. Well of course […]

The Essence Hotel, Hanoi.

The The Essence Hotel, Hanoi  deserves a post all of its own with a special shout out to Sophie who went above and beyond in the case of the ‘Missing Passports and Man Bag’. Summer travels are spent with the comfortable pair and we enjoy many a long winter evening reminiscing about our travels and planning […]