With a Friend Like You – by Fanny Blake

A bombshell is dropped at the supper table and Beth’s very ordered world is suddenly in disarray. Her finely tuned schedules and carefully planned life choices are destroyed when eldest daughter Ella (destined to study Medicine at Cambridge) announces that she is pregnant. Beth turns to her best family friend Megan for advice and consolation […]

House of Dreams by Fanny Blake

Hope is making her last journey – this time in a porcelain urn. Her family and friends are gathered in the woodland which borders her Spanish home aka The House of Dreams. ………And so Fanny Blake weaves a sunny story around a weekend when all that knew her come to say their goodbyes. Hope’s life has been […]

Our Summer Together – Fanny Blake

A chance meeting and at an unexpected crossroads in her life, Caro finds herself with a summer never to forget. Up until now her life had seemingly been mapped out and she expected to graciously enter  retirement comfortably off with a husband of many years in her beloved home Treetops. Reaching middle age she has […]