How to make paper with papyrus!

Our Egyptologist Abdul took us to Hamees Papyrus Gallery in Luxor where we learned how to make papyrus. The plant is cut with a long stem and then cut into about 8 inch lengths, the dark green ‘bark’ is then stripped off with a sharp knife revealing a creamy inner core which contains water and sugar. The […]

Tales of the Nile river bank.

Gliding down the Nile from Luxor to Aswan gave me a unique opportunity to see life almost standing still in some of the smaller settlements along this great river. Seemingly unperturbed by small convoys of cruise boats, farmers and fishermen go about their day whether it be guiding water buffalo, collecting sugar cane or handling […]

The best Egyptologist in the world!

We were a small group of three which meant we had Abdul’s undivided attention as he led and taught us about hieroglyphics, ancient and modern Egyptian history as well as life along the banks of the Nile. He made sure we arrived at temples early and that we stood in the shade to avoid large […]