What to wear in Shenyang China in July

I visited recently and this was my experience. The weather is humid, very hot usually between 29 and 32 celsius with heavy storms for short periods of time. My suggestions are – Cotton clothing with a light weight jumper or fleece for air conditioned areas. Thin waterproof for the storms. Comfortable shoes if walking. Long […]

Holiand Bakers in Shenyang

I was recommended to try the bakery delights at Holiland a cake store chain in China. The whole experience is delightful from perusing the cheesecakes to guessing the sandwich filling.  Holiland is a destination and activity in itself! Each customer is given a miniature tray and tongs and after selecting and paying the item is wrapped […]

Shenyang Shopping Malls – photoblog

There is very little about these big shiny, blingy shopping malls that seem to be authentically Chinese. However they are very clean, usually easy to navigate with escalators between floors, pop up stalls and plenty of eating areas. …..but the best thing about them are the art installations and here are a few of my […]

Inflight route map

Who else is fascinated nee mesmerised by the inflight route map especially on long haul flights? I am big time but then I’m a geographer and passionate traveller …… and there are always names I haven’t come across before this time it was Muhu which after researching I found it to be an island belonging […]

Six things to buy in Shenyang

Brightly coloured fans from street sellers, particularly useful in the summer months when it is hot and humid. Also great as a souvenir. Cucumber peeler for instant cooling face masks. Bubble tea in any amount of flavours, usually iced with fruit flavouring or even Oreos! Bubble tea shops are on every street corner. Packets of […]