Latest travel rant alert!

Those that know me  or read me know that I sometimes rant about other travellers, today is no different. On a recent flight from Rio I was disgusted to find in the toilet that the person in front  of me did not clean the sink round after use….despite  British Airways clearly indicating that one should do just that! Secondly […]

Business Class Breakfast with British Airways

A long flight from London Heathrow to Ezeiza Airport, Buenos Aires gave breakfast in bed a whole new meaning. Two hours before touchdown I was served one of the best airline breakfasts I’ve experienced  in a long time…..all this whilst enjoying the flat bed luxury of business class sleeping when flying overnight. The choice is yours, just after take […]

Press Reader App

Almost too good to be true for a reader and traveller like me but British Airways ‘Time to fly’ email confirmed I would have access to free downloads from Press Reader for three days. Like a child in a sweet shop I downloaded a range of magazines convenient for me to read whilst travelling. There are more […]

Do you have a travel wish list?

  I don’t want to lecture anyone about having a list but was flicking through Lonely Planet Traveller  – One Planet 100 Experiences Guide (in association with British Airways) and it got me thinking about ‘bucket lists’ ‘the travel list’ ‘places I want to go list’ and realise that for many travel is not all about ticking countries or […]

The Grey Traveller Saturday read.

Today’s Telegraph magazine must have been designed for The Grey Traveller as it was all about me…..well I might be exaggerating a little but definitely all the articles were well chosen for someone like me. A mature and frequent traveller who likes to people watch. It had all the ingredients to make me smile and sate my […]

Dubai or not Dubai! 

Dubai or Dubai – that is the question! I equally loved and hated Dubai, Au contraire I hear you exclaim, how can that be? I had wanted to tick Dubai or at the very least the Mid East off my bucket list for some years and so our British Airways flight skittered across the desert […]