Why Mount Mulanje is important to Malawi.

The Mountain is the third biggest in Africa and is something that the locals are very proud of and are very much aware of its significance to them. It provides for them financially and spiritually as well as being a magnificent back drop to their home. Mount Mulanje dominates the Mulanje district of South West […]

Entry requirements for Malawi

October 2015 and a change of entry requirements for Malawi. For UK citizens and many others it’s now necessary to obtain a visa, this is what you do- Go to Malawi High Commission¬†website and download blank visa form and complete before you go. This will save a great deal of time at entry airport. Get […]

Blantyre airport, (Chileka) Malawi.

Not very big, Arrivals is not much bigger than a community hall, with about 4 passport control queues and one for visa entry. Small area to complete visa form. As you go through passport control you can see your bags on the small carousel and these are offloaded for you. At Departures as you enter […]