Cheltenham Spa:a photoblog

Only a few hours in Cheltenham but it was enough to appreciate an elegant city and take a few photos. I loved the Regency buildings which were very reminiscent of Bath. My favourite areas were The Suffolks with the independent upscale shopping and Montpellier with its neat rows of houses. Superb selection of shops with […]

Walk to the View – Bath

It does what it says on the tin…’s a great walk with a great view of the outstandingly beautiful city of Bath…..about 3 miles in all. OK it involves a climb but it is so worth it……and it also neatly leads you to the Sky View Walk a much longer, more difficult terrain kinda of […]

The ABC of Bath or 26 reasons why to visit!

A is for the River Avon which offers great views of the weir, boat trips and riverside walks……. and of course the abbey with its square busy with entertainers. Afternoon tea at the Assembly Rooms. B is for Browns and their delicious Clover Club cocktail. C is for a crescent, Royal Crescent a glorious bend of […]