14 reasons to choose Business Class with EVA Air

There is no doubt about it travelling Business Class gives you a better chance of fealing radiant when you emerge the other end particularly if you are a traveller of a certain age! I travelled between London Heathrow Terminal 2 and Bangkok Often cheaper than other airlines. Dedicated check in area at Terminal 2 Heathrow making check in fast […]

Five best places for a view in South East Asia

Looking down from above is the best way to get an overview of a new city. It gives you the story of a city in a nutshell. You get to see the shape, from the central business district to the urban sprawl as far as the eye can see. You will spy the old juxtaposed with […]

Chao Phraya – lifeblood of Bangkok

Many settlements have grown up round the bends and meanders of a powerful river due to the transportation prospects and fertile land. So many of the cities we visit now have these strong rivers flowing through and yes they are still the lifeblood and often the very soul of a place….none more so than the […]

Photo blog of The Royal Barge Museum in Bangkok

The barge museum might not appear high on well known places to visit in Bangkok but it was one of the first experiences that The Grey Traveller enjoyed in this city. The easiest way to navigate the city is to travel on the river and then get appropriate directions, the ferry boats will drop you off at […]

Transport tips in Bangkok.

Take a public taxi from ground floor G8 at the International airport to downtown or any of the river hotels, shouldn’t be any more than £35. For local short runs take a tuk tuk which is like sitting on the back of a wasp racing to sting somebody…its fun and cheap. Make sure you make […]