Inflight route map

Who else is fascinated nee mesmerised by the inflight route map especially on long haul flights? I am big time but then I’m a geographer and passionate traveller …… and there are always names I haven’t come across before this time it was Muhu which after researching I found it to be an island belonging […]

Six things to buy in Shenyang

Brightly coloured fans from street sellers, particularly useful in the summer months when it is hot and humid. Also great as a souvenir. Cucumber peeler for instant cooling face masks. Bubble tea in any amount of flavours, usually iced with fruit flavouring or even Oreos! Bubble tea shops are on every street corner. Packets of […]

Five Reasons to use Shenyang’s Metro

Efficient and frequent Very clean with signs clearly indicating no urinating or eating in carriages Rain macs are supplied at stations when there is an unexpected heavy storm Security is high with bags etc checked before boarding Easy to follow maps on trains which are illuminated so you know which station you are approaching and […]

So Much Life Left over by Louis de Bernieres

It was the long avenue of palm trees on the cover of De Bernieres’ book that attracted me to hit the ‘listen’ button on my audiobook account. I recognised it as the Royal Botanic Garden, Peradeniya near Kandy, Sri Lanka. The story is set between the wars starting in Ceylon with references to the  Tea Industry, British Garrison Cemetery and […]

Do you buy souvenirs?

……………… ……………….only sometimes, if perhaps some small trinket catches my eye, is especially appealing or is likely to evoke a special memory. It has to be small as I’m unlikely to have much if any luggage space. I did buy a colourful mug in  Buenos Aires as the colours were bright and the mugs did not appear […]

Food tourism

Watching Million Pound Menu one of the potential investors used the phrase food tourism so it got me thinking. I haven’t travelled anywhere specifically for the food ….but I  have travelled somewhere plenty of times where I have experienced food heaven… are my potential destinations for some food tourism either for the food or the location….perhaps you can […]