Plaza De Mayo, Buenos Aires

Plaza de Mayo is a grand open square in the centre of Buenos Aires , its edged with famous buildings not least Casa Rosada with its iconic balcony the scene of many Eva Peron speeches. Most of the buildings are white so there is no missing this. Casa Rosada no doubt named because of its […]

Buenos Aires in four days.

You can see Buenos Aires in four days although this city deserves much more time. Often used as a gateway to South America …….. Buenos Aires has much to offer. Here is my suggestion for a four day itinerary. Day One – Recoleta is an upscale district which The Grey Traveller chose to make as a base […]

Three historic cafes in Buenos Aires

El Ateneo Grand Splendid Cafe Tortoni La Biela If I had to choose I couldn’t, each of these grand old ladies served us well in authenticity and food. Buenos Aires is an elegant city and these cafes contribute to an old fashioned slightly European charm that Buenos Aires imbues. When the feet become tired and the throat needs […]

Do you buy souvenirs?

……………… ……………….only sometimes, if perhaps some small trinket catches my eye, is especially appealing or is likely to evoke a special memory. It has to be small as I’m unlikely to have much if any luggage space. I did buy a colourful mug in  Buenos Aires as the colours were bright and the mugs did not appear […]

Tea Connection in Buenos Aires

The staff at the Recoleta branch of Tea Connection smiled and patiently waited whilst we stumbled over the menu each morning with our few words of Spanish making our brunch/breakfast choices. We were recommended Tea Connection   by our accommodation providers  Poetry Building  and we can not thank them enough. A hearty breakfast set us up for […]

Taxis in Buenos Aires

Our experience of using the taxis in Buenos Aires was very positive. Our accommodation provider Poetry Building organised a pick up from EZE international airport and a drop off at Jorge Newbery costing in total $95 which we felt was good value. Pedro collected us in large comfortable car and as we travelled through the green suburbs he told […]