Fascinating Parisian Adventures for Families and Friends

Paris boasts countless cultural venues, charming neighbourhoods, and serene gardens, making it a challenge to choose where to visit. For families, certain theme parks like Disneyland Paris, with its enchanting rides for young imaginations, and Parc Astérix remain top choices.

When planning your Paris trip with family or friends, it is best to hire a bus to ensure comfortable and safe transportation.

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The following are a few activities to remain engaged when you are visiting Paris.

1 Have dinner on the Seine

Choosing a dinner cruise on the Seine can be daunting, but top picks include three Michelin-star chefs, Frédéric Anton and Alain Ducasse’s floating restaurants.

For an intimate experience, opt for the Don Juan II by Yachts de Paris, or enjoy a livelier atmosphere aboard the Ducasse sur Seine, both offering exquisite dining and stunning Parisian views.

2 Enjoy a picnic viewing Notre-Dame

Avoiding the queues at Notre-Dame Cathedral, enjoy a picnic on the Seine’s west riverbank near Port de Montebello.

Admire the cathedral’s intricate wooden lattice, known as the “forest,” crafted from oak trees and currently undergoing reconstruction after the 2019 fire, with statues of the Apostles and Evangelists set to return.

3 Dive into contemporary art scene of Paris

Escape crowded museums in Paris with gallery hopping from Marais to Belleville. Discover emerging talents sans queues, often alone with the artworks and sometimes meeting the artists.

Contact art guide Alexandra Weinress for a customized tour, including stops at modern brasseries for lunch, tailored to your interests in English or French.

4 Explore a mass grave below ground

Explore the eerie Catacombs of Paris, 20m underground, housing millions of Parisians’ remains. Dating back to the 18th century, bones and skulls from overcrowded cemeteries line the walls in galleries.

Experience this unique and macabre part of Parisian history with an audio guide uncovering its intriguing story.

5 Visit the largest museum

The royal palace at Musée du Louvre has now turned into a one of the largest museums of the world. There are 403 rooms in this palace and 33,000 collections of arts available.

One can visit here and get the opportunity to see all those that are displaying historical importance and its magnificence.

6 Travel back-in-time to bohemian Montmartre

Montmartre, Paris’s bohemian village atop its highest hill, features the Sacré-Coeur Basilica and retains a quaint atmosphere with stone houses, cafes, and boutiques.

Once a haven for artists like Picasso, its windmills and cabarets echo a lively past. Though few windmills remain, the Clos Montmartre vineyard hosts an annual grape harvest festival in October.

7 Get under the surface of the food scene of France

Explore Paris’s vibrant food scene with over 80 markets, countless delis, bakeries, and thousands of eateries.

Book a tour with food guide Neil Kreeger for personalized itineraries delving into French culinary classics like macarons, croque monsieur, cheeses, wines, and modern trends. Tours last approximately three hours, focusing on one neighborhood.

These are the seven places that you can visit while you are in Paris.

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