Bath a photo blog – quirky and arty pics!

Bath is a great place to visit and is often busy with overseas tourists on the Grand British Tour ……looking at the fabulous golden stone buildings which makes this city unique and especially photogenic on blue sky days. There will be a photoblog of the architectural glories but meanwhile here are some pictures which made […]

A Mother’s Sacrifice – Kitty Neale

Kitty Neale’s latest paperback takes the reader back in time to post war South London and a family which is ruled by violence and angry words. Gentle Glenda finds herself married to Harry and with her firstborn she has no where to escape to until a final beating ensures a hospital visit and a friendship formed […]

One small act of kindness – Lucy Dillon

Wouldn’t it be great if we all pledged to do one act of kindness tomorrow and maybe our small act would trigger someone else to do the same and before we know it the idea would snowball until it became second nature to pledge a small act of kindness each day? Lucy Dillon’s book centres on […]