Blog Traffic Analysis

Some days the traffic to the blog is  slow,  some days traffic is heavy there doesn’t seem to be a trend particularly. In March there was a surge …… is it because people  had more time to search posts and actually comment or is because they were a little stir crazy and looking for inspiration […]

Who is planning travel now?

Just wondered now that some of the world is opening up if other keen travellers are beginning to travel or planning travel for the future? Perhaps some of you are planning travel in your own country, countries that you border or indeed long haul. I would be interested in your comments please. We are planning […]

Uppark visit – photoblog

Enjoying the visits to local National Trust   parklands and gardens in this glorious weather, here are a few of my favourite Uppark photos. Really well organised with limited visitors, easy to park and navigate the site, toilets are open. Uppark is in South Harting, near Petersfield, Hampshire.            

Cape Town to Simon’s Town

We planned our route via Chapman’s Peak but discovered that on Wednesday’s during February and March the Peak road is closed……note to self check website on day. However we stopped off at Hout Bay and watched the fishermen haul their catch, avoided the souvenir stalls and kept well away from a sea lion that locals […]

Kalk Bay – photos

Happened on Kalk Bay whilst staying at the lovely William French Residence in Simons Town . A fifteen minute drive north on the Eastern Cape coastal route and with parking easy to come by there was no excuse not to stop at this fabulous arty, quirky seaside town…. ………and so glad we  did. We drank tropical coloured […]

Dassie spotting in South Africa!

The first time I came across a dassie it took me by surprise.  I had seen signs reminding visitors not to approach the wildlife on Table Mountain but I wasn’t prepared for seeing a giant guinea pig as I rounded a corner on one of the trails! I didn’t know what it was so asked […]