Driving from Cape Town to Simon’s Town

img_6847First trip out of the Mother City was driving Cape Town to Simon’s Town. We planned our route via Chapman’s Peak but discovered that on Wednesday’s during February and March the Peak road is closed……note to self check website on the day. You would think that having retired early I had all the time in the world to research thoroughly!

However we stopped off at Hout Bay and watched the fishermen haul their catch, avoided the souvenir stalls and kept well away from a sea lion that locals were feeding…… it was huge and looked quite ferocious! This Grey Traveller was a little scared and was keen to get back to driving from Cape Town to Simon’s Town!

Once discovering our mistake about Chapman’s Peak we rerouted the sat nav and found ourselves travelling through the Constantia wine region, this area looked a lot like English countryside although I appreciate to grow those vines the climate is somewhat warmer!

We enjoyed the Ou Kaapse Weg area which took us up a high and winding road giving some unexpected good views before dropping down near Fish Hoek and joining the Eastern Cape coastal route to Simon’s Town.

We did manage to drive Chapman’s Peak eventually and were not disappointed but then that’s another post.

We hired a car from  Cape Town International Airport via Hire Car.


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