The Power of Blog Traffic Analysis

blog traffic analysis
So here I am analysing my blog traffic…….does blog traffic analysis give me any power? Well it tells me a little about how many visitors there are to my blog, where my readers are from and at what time of day they read it …….. but can I do anything about having the power of that knowledge? Well yes it tells me which posts are the most popular and which are not getting read very much so ………. I need to housekeep and tidy up the blog…. that may take some time but in the mean time this is what I know.

Some days the traffic to the blog is  slow,  some days traffic is heavy there doesn’t seem to be a trend particularly. In March there was a surge …… was that because people  had more time to search posts {due to a fairly global lock down} and actually comment or is it because they were a little stir crazy and looking for inspiration  for forthcoming travel or just travel dreaming?

I’m always interested  as to where my readers are located perhaps that’s the geographer in me and currently the top five countries where readers come from this this year are …….

1 America

2 United Kingdom

3 India

4 Sri Lanka

5 Germany

My explanation for that? ……………….Well I don’t really have one.

Most popular post this year is my home page and most popular time of day when my posts get read is 11am on a Monday. My perceived audience is the more mature traveller who likes a little luxury travel but unless I’m prepared to create a survey and my readers prepared to complete it I probably won’t find out if I’m right! I can’t even tell if the reader is like me ….a woman of a certain age or married to one! So cheers to power of knowledge and cheers to blog traffic analysis. I probably won’t be analysing again for some time!

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