Seven reasons why Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope have to be on your South African itinerary.

img_6885To reach the Cape of Good Hope or Cape Point you need to pay £15 to enter the national park, although it is much more expensive for international visitors I still felt it was well worth it as there is so much to see and do. This is one spot where I would like to have spent much more time so this is definitely on my to do list when I return to South Africa and I’ll happily pay the entrance fee again.  From Simon’s Town there are plenty of signs leading you to the entrance point. Stand out points for me included…….

  1. Breath taking scenery as soon as you enter the national park with lots of lay-bys to stop and take photographs
  2. The turquoise ocean particularly at Cape of Good Hope was stunning.
  3. Spotting baboons with their young.
  4. Plenty of board walks with informative signs about the area.
  5. Easy to navigate.
  6. Spotting ostriches on the beach.
  7.  Catching sight of an elusive eland.

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