When will international travel resume?

IMG_1522I’m thinking and I’m no expert ………..that each country will tentatively open borders to some countries late summer and gradually increase flights and destinations. Travel is too big a global industry to leave dormant for too long.

However many people will decide not to travel or at least wait until there is a vaccine, some will decide to travel just within their own country and some will be champing at the bit to jump on an aeroplane.

I will wait until I feel it is safe for me and I might be choosy with the potential destination.  Any thoughts anyone? I would be interested on your views.

5 thoughts on “When will international travel resume?

  1. We are currently in lockdown in Spain, where we are residents. We have been in lockdown since about 15th March and it has been more stringent here than in the UK. Until last Saturday we were only allowed out to walk the dog, only one person at a time, to shop to by essentials and chemist for medication. If you were caught out not doing one of the above you could be fined €600. So since last Saturday we were allowed out as a couple if you live together, and our age group can do 1 hour of exercise, walking, running or cycling between 6am and 10am or 8pm to 11pm. We have been out every day so far. We have heard unofficially, that the borders and flights abroad will not be open before at least October. We have already decided that we the restrictions are lifted we will just travel around Spain and Portugal in our Motor home avoiding contact with other people as much as possible, until they have a vaccine.

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    1. It must have felt really good to get out albeit for a short while each day together. Your plans for the next few months sound ideal. When we start ‘moving about’ we will limit ourselves to quiet places in the U.K. although we are hoping to go to New England to see fall colours.

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  2. I’ll wait until I feel it’s safe for me to travel taking into consideration age, health issues and availability to good travel insurance and medical facilities in the destination. I’m so pleased I’ve travelled as much as I have but there is still a whole world out there I want to discover.

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    1. I feel the same. I do truly believe we will be able to at the end of the year. The travel industry will be working hard on making it as safe as possible because they will want to earn money.

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  3. We will definitely wait until we feel safe before travelling internationally but will be happy to move around the UK as soon as the major restrictions are allowed. I think being caught in Tenerife when it started helped us to appreciate some travelling issues a bit more.

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