Potential future destinations based on healthcare?

img_8675Am wondering if when we are allowed to travel again if my destination of choice will be based on availability of healthcare. Being a mature traveller this current crisis has made me think about being close to a good source of healthcare.

I don’t want that to be my main reason for choosing where to travel but am wondering if in fact it should be on my list of criteria! I have been very fortunate not to need any healthcare when travelling touch wood but there is always the first time.

I have travelled in countries where I’m led to believe the healthcare is difficult to access or a considerable distance away and it hasn’t featured highly on my ‘things I should worry about when travelling list’. I have an annual travel insurance policy to cover costs but if healthcare isn’t available all the money in the world is of little use if the injury or illness is serious. Just wondered what other travellers might be thinking?

2 thoughts on “Potential future destinations based on healthcare?

  1. It will certainly be a major consideration, or should be, for a lot of people. Especially after Brexit as well when the healthcare agreements are all re-evaluated.

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