Seven things to do in and around Simon’s Town


  1. Visit Boulders Beach to smile at the penguin colony, they have been there for about thirty years. You will see signs for the penguins just south of the town and entrance for international visitors is £7. Boardwalks lead right down to the beach…. you might even spot a dassie.
  2. Simon’s Town museum was once The Residence House and has artefacts and information about local families, famous people, Nuisance the dog and when the British Army were there. Staff are more than happy to answer questions. Small entrance fee.
  3. Right next door to the local history museum is the Naval Base which houses its own museum with artefacts, boats and information about the time when the British Navy were in Simons Town and bringing it more up to date  with information about the South African Navy, free to enter.
  4. Walk around the town looking at some of the historic buildings on the main road, these now house small shops and cafes. Finishing the town exploration with a cocktail on the waterfront. We used Bertha’s Restaurant which has outside seating right by the water.img_6871
  5. Drive south to Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope, entrance is about £15 for international visitors. You can relax on the beaches, walk the trails or animal spot.
  6. Take a fifteen minute drive over to The Atlantic coast to Scarborough Beach a quiet coastal area. we only saw one other walker and two surfers, there are bright orange nasturtiums growing on the beach!
  7. Drive a few minutes north to Kalk Bay, an arty town with a small fishing fleet.

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