Travel takes on a whole new meaning during lockdown

IMG_2800Whilst travel has come to a standstill for most this traveller is feeling grateful for what I have got. Long haul exotic destinations are now just far away dreams.

Oh it doesn’t stop me dreaming of when I can travel a little further afield but at the moment travel is restricted to an occasional walk to my nearest village for top up on food essentials {less than once a week} and my daily [walking] exercise.

I am lucky that ‘my village’ is  near enough to walk to,  we have a local bakers, greengrocers, butcher and a supermarket. I tend to go very late if going to the supermarket as it seems relatively quiet then. I have taken advantage of new home delivery services operated by local butchers and the village greengrocer so at least the food miles are reduced. I pledge to carry on using these services if available when lockdown is relaxed.

For my daily exercise I have choices of walking across fields or round the village pathways, again I tend to go later in the day as the chance of bumping into others is much reduced. I see myself as being lucky enough not to live in a densely populated area where my daily walk would be ‘busy’ pathways.

So travel might well be reduced for me but I have taken to delighting in the sound of bird song, trying to recognise star formations and actually hearing the water in the drains. If we do see anyone out and about we tend to acknowledge each other, smile at their dog and delight in seeing people leaving boxes of books out for others to sample.

As I write this rain is stopping play and perhaps travel will be postponed until tomorrow, I have much to be thankful for so in the meantime #staysafe.

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