What do travel bloggers do when in lockdown?

597122D1-7580-45B4-B6A4-DCC05AA521E9The very nature of a travel blogger  is to travel …well that seems obvious. …..but when travel isn’t allowed what is this travel blogger doing?

Following my government’s rules and guidelines to stay safe…….goes without saying.

I am thinking positively and planning future travel. I have four overseas trips booked but can see that two of them won’t happen that said I am cautiously optimistic about travel in the autumn and early next year ……my fingers are firmly crossed. So with that thought underpinning my travel plans I am currently researching New England  for a little leaf peeping and coastal exploring.

I am also catching up with posts from my trip immediately before this current crisis. I was lucky enough to travel to and from Cape Town without problems… so am writing and sheduling accordingly.

Whilst playing catch up I also plan to tidy the website, too quickly time passes and what was up to the minute three years ago now no longer applies.

I have also subscribed to a couple of travel magazines to at least virtually travel and find more destinations to add to potential list.

Watching Race Across the World and a variety of other travel themed TV series although Race is definitely my favourite and am disappointed we are nearing the end.

Keep reading, keep commenting and keep those fingers crossed for safe times and happy travels. What are other travel bloggers doing?

4 thoughts on “What do travel bloggers do when in lockdown?

  1. Tough times for everyone but definitely time to catch up on those tasks that we have all been putting off. Tidying up the blog is a good one, we should look into that. Seem to be quite busy amazingly with trying new things and walking so managing to fill our days well. As for trips, great that you’ve some booked. We’ve had to cancel absolutely everything so currently the future is blank. We’ll see what happens.

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