Five Reasons to visit Broadgate, London

img_2355Broadgate of a weekend is quiet as the city workers are resting which means visitors can navigate the pavements and stop and stare at the amazing buildings where old meets new at almost every corner.

  1. Liverpool Street Station might not be quite as big and grand as Waterloo or  St Pancras  but the Victorian style building is worth a wander through as is getting a closer look at the large War Memorial names inside and the statues of the travelling children outside.
  2. Walking south east you will happen on St Boltoph’s Garden with its tiny church hall whilst the jewel in the crown is the pretty coloured Victorian Bath House right at the west end of the garden which is definitely one for my Secret London list. I couldn’t go inside but at certain times it becomes a cocktail venue surely something The Grey Traveller will need to investigate further!img_2361
  3. Another find a stone’s throw away on Bishopsgate is the fine Duck and Waffle, travel thirty nine floors rather speedily to the top for a bird’s eye view of the city and a rather luxurious cocktail. I had the Milky Bar Snowball in an old school milk bottle and raised it to the fabulous view.
  4. Just south of there is the Victorian Leadenhall  Covered Market which is a series of rather upscale shops and not a market stall in sight when I visited. The glossy deep red and cream exterior are a welcome break from any bad weather and a hub for tour groups.
  5. Whilst all this exploring is going on you will no doubt see the modern landmarks such as the Lloyds Building and the Gherkin poking up and between the older architecture.

Keep your phone or camera handy for all those amazing photo opportunities!


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