A fleeting visit to Boscastle, Cornwall.

4C659B5A-3053-43C8-9EB7-FCFE1867C60DThe second floor of the Welly (The Wellington Hotel) is where the water reached during the 2004 flood. There were many references on buildings lining the walk down to the sea reminding us of that awful time. It had been far too many years to count since I had last seen Boscastle but I feel I know this little fishing village well. As a geographer the flood was used  frequently as a case study after the local area experienced more than its fair share of rain.

However its great to see a thriving community welcoming visitors in the winter and here are a few of my favourite photos. I have to mention the excellent crab sandwiches at The Welly! I will be back for sure!

2 thoughts on “A fleeting visit to Boscastle, Cornwall.

  1. This brings back such great memories as we would visit Boscastle every summer with our boys when we were down at my mother-in-laws near Launceston. Loved little shops and climbing over all the rocks before picnicking on the beach. Great times.

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