Lanhydrock, Cornwall

img_6629…………….an invitation to a masked ball at Lanhydrock could not be sneezed at. Festive decorations 2019 took on a theme of an 1893 Masked Ball. Visitors were handed their ‘invitation’ instead of the usual ticket and one could see whose fabulous company they were in ….from the Robartes who were hosting, local landowners and even a viscountess.   The National Trust know how to party.

The main house was lit and trees dressed as ‘guests’ stood around hidden behind some rather grand masks. The quality of the decoration was first class and then some.

Meanwhile the staff of 1893 had been given time off to celebrate ‘downstairs’ and our invitation extended to  the servant’s quarters where we could see hand made paper chains and instructions of games which the staff had organised for themselves. It seemed the upstairs family were both generous with time off and Christmas gifts.

Lanhydrock’s extensive grounds were decorated with beds of bauble flowers and the tiny church was also open to visitors. I will return in the summer when more rooms will be open but I can say that truly the Christmas spirit of 1893 was warm and alive at Twixmas 2019.

img_2776Lanhydrock is near Bodmin in Cornwall and like many National Trust houses opens its doors during the Christmas and New Year period and is decorated accordingly. Some National Trust sites need to be booked whilst others you can just turn up, check the website! There is some fabulous walking to be done at Lanhydrock, we saw many locals park and bring their dogs to blow away the festive cobwebs.

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