Chelsea Physic Garden in winter

img_2222Over the last few years every time I have had a couple of spare hours on my own in London I promise myself that I will visit The Chelsea Physic Garden but life and other London activities have got in the way and I have only just got round to banking that promise.

I am not a gardener by any stretch of the imagination so I can not quote long Latin names at you about what I saw but what I can tell you is that it is a little haven away from the bustle of The Kings Road and the cars whizzing by on the Embankment.

The garden is divided into ‘areas’, clearly marked with pathways to navigate yourself around. The friendly ‘gate keeper’ gave me a map and a disdainful ginger cat sort of led the way!

img_2223The Victorian greenhouses reminded me of my grandparent’s garden and the shop and cafe were a welcome retreat from a passing shower. I enjoyed the escape and the stories behind some of the plants and next time I promise to visit in the summer as then no doubt there will be abundant blooms and weather enough to enjoy the outside seating at the cafe. I appreciated the fact that as there is less to see in winter the ticket prices are adjusted accordingly.

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