Don’t miss Mount Dora in Florida


We were staying in Clermont Florida and needed a break from theme parks, research suggested Mount Dora would be a fantastic place to explore. I was not disappointed. About a forty five minute drive via toll roads and we found ourselves parking easily in the centre of town despite it being a Saturday.

We spent a couple of hours exploring the quaint and quirky independent stores before enjoying one of the best cocktails I have ever had the luck to choose ……….a Caramel White Russian from the delicious menu of the Upstairs bar at the Goblin Market well who could resist a bar with a name like Goblin Market?

The afternoon saw us taking a catamaran tour on the lake and canal with Rusty Anchor  We were given a two man boat and were guided by an expert in his own boat across the lake and down a canal. It was the best two hours which I have spent on water in a long time.

The boats are quite nippy and there is a risk of getting a little wet but the views of the lake side housing and canal life more than make up. No we didn’t see ‘gators as temperatures were cool and they tend to stay on the bottom of the lake the guide assured us…. but we did see an eagle, plenty of blue heron and many other large birds.

Finishing the day off with a few margaritas and a hot Mexican meal at the friendly Fiesta Grande we were able to forget theme park queues for a day!

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