St Peter’s Church, Eaton Square, London


My recent stroll through Belgravia, London  threw up St Peter’s Church. I always feel especially smug when I come across something new in the capital. I get to visit maybe three times a year and always find something new to interest me and this time it was this pretty church or to be more precise the golden altar in this church.

There were several people inside dressing the church for Christmas and a gentleman saw me admiring the altar and told me the story behind its very modern design. Apparently in the late eighties the church was a victim of an arson attack and much of the interior was lost hence a new altar was built.

So it got me thinking is the church that the Bellamy family, Ruby, Sarah and Mrs Bridges attended?!

2 thoughts on “St Peter’s Church, Eaton Square, London

  1. Great to find hidden treasures in London isn’t it? We love wandering and doing that. I’m sure the whole Bellamy family frequented that church when they weren’t ‘upstairs’. Have a great New Year.

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