Disney Springs when you need a break from theme parks.

img_1813As mentioned previously in my Celebration post everyone needs a bit of timeout from theme parks not least if you are a little grey around the edges. Disney Springs is what used to be Downtown Disney oh I know that isn’t news to just about everybody but when you haven’t done the theme parks for some years whilst it wasn’t news to us exploring Disney Springs was a new activity.

Parking at the Lime Parking facility is free and you are escalatored down to Disney Springs and conveniently The Polite Pig which our group used as the meeting point and I used to sample an excellent Moscow Mule cocktail. Moscow Mule is a theme that will run through these Florida posts!

img_1797The walking areas are wide and currently tastefully decorated with subtle Christmas garlands swagged around the lamp posts and eves and a glorious tree is centre stage not far from Zara. The bars and eateries edge Lake Buena Vista and even if you are not a shopper it’s a great place to people watch and take time out. Many shops are represented there and  I loved the fact there was live music at Ron Jon’s Surf Shop. I have to give a shout out to Sugarboo a new find for me with great paper and home products designed to include thoughtful sentiments. We also watched an amphibious car leave the jetty and launch itself on the water ….. a first for me.

The Lego monster is still in the water greeting children and adults alike and one thing that remains is the friendliness and sunshine of the employees in the shops…..’til the next time Disney.

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