Celebration Florida and why you should visit.

img_0646Everyone needs a bit of downtime away from the theme parks in Florida and Celebration is a fantastic antidote to the crowds, noise and queues.

Celebration is a small town not far from the theme parks, I believe it was originally built by Disney as the perfect place to live. Clapboard houses with rocking chairs on verandahs, picket fences and a small town feel. Not sure who runs it now but it still has that small town feel about it albeit a little bit sleepy There are a few independent stores, an Art Deco style cinema, some nice eateries and a beautiful hotel by the lake….. that is all you need for an afternoon stroll before kicking back with a Moscow Mule at Town Tavern.

We parked in Market Street, browsed the gift shops, ran through the fountains which our children had done twenty years previously and tip toed into the reception at the town’s smart hotel. Everyone was friendly and the peace and quiet was palpable. Here are a few photos.

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