Two more travel rants!

IMG_7990You know me I like to travel rant……… here are two things that have recently annoyed me…….

  1. Selfish iPad man –  whilst watching the changing of the guard in Athens , someone at the front held his iPad up to film the entire ceremony which meant about eight people behind him found it difficult to see.
  2. Breaking the rules -In The Acropolis Museum it clearly said not to take in back packs and not to take photographs. I saw both! Can not understand why this wasn’t dealt with by the staff?

Have you experienced this or something similar? I’d love to know!

2 thoughts on “Two more travel rants!

  1. Both extra annoying but not really the people doing its fault more the staff who should stamp it out immediately. iPad filming is ultra annoying. Should never be allowed. Over sized cases as hand luggage also annoy me.

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