Taking tea in old Shenyang

img_0840I was lucky enough to witness a traditional Chinese tea making ceremony whilst in Shenyang and went away thinking if only everyday tea drinking could be as elegant and ceremonious. This was what happened.

Young girls dressed in traditional clothing sat demurely behind a raised draining tray with an array of pots, cups and jugs.img_0821

  1. Hot water was poured into a ceramic teapot to warm it.
  2. Which in turn was poured into the tiny but slim cups.
  3. All water was then tipped away.
  4. Large tea leaves were placed in the teapot.
  5. Hot water poured on top.
  6. This infusion was then poured into a clear glass jug and in turn at a height poured into four of the slim cups.
  7. A small bowl shaped cup was placed over the slim cup.
  8. …and finally picking this up with both hands the girl turned them over and removed the slim cup leaving the tea to be served in the bowl.


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